Hope Beyond Illness by Shulamit Lando

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If you - or someone you know - are struggling with chronic illness, uncomfortable symptoms and/or stubborn discomfort, or if you (MDs, nurses, care takers, psychologists, professional counselors, and therapists) work with people living with this kind of challenges will find this book an excellent source for helping yourself, your loved ones or your patients with *Body-Mind* tools and approaches.

The exercises, tips and tools that I share have helped me and countless of my clients. It is a must read for anyone suffering from any kind of illness, difficult symptoms or physical (and even emotional) discomfort. Any person dealing with anything that is challenging their wellness will benefit from the perspective, mindset and the simple and easy to follow "tips to help yourself" in this guide to living WELL with a chronic condition.

This new edition is now interactive! This means that your experience of reading will be multidimensional, you'll be watching videos and listening to audios as you read along. Reading this book will be a much more dynamic and fun!

This guide will:

  • Empower you with hope
  • Help you design the program best suited for your recovery
  • Equip you with the inspiration needed to build and strengthen discipline
  • Empower your positive mindset in order to build resilience
  • Give you the support you need to make your journey to wellness
  • Give you effective tools to affect mind, body and spirit
  • Achieve a creative, functional, meaningful life despite chronic illness

By understanding how our mind works according to what it believes, how we affect our reality by the meaning we give to things, HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS will guide you to clear your negative thoughts and beliefs and make a paradigm shift in your body/mind system to turn your life around and know that healing is more than possible.

Shulamit Lando's brave story will inspire you to walk your own valiant journey. Through her personal and professional experience she offers a guide to wellness, in spite of whatever cards you were dealt and shows how healing, in the real sense of the word, allows you to live well with illness.

You can always go to Shulamit's special Facebook page for this book to discuss with her any issues you may have with the book, or your illness.

Hope Beyond Illness